Who We Are

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton.

Children, by default, are infinitely more creative than any of us adult can ever imagine !! (even imagination requires creativity 😉 )

They are fountainheads of personal feelings, energy, observations, first time experiences and reflections. The world would be a much richer place, if even 10 % of all that comes out in form of an art. And all it requires is a spark, to ignite the flame.

Art Elixir aspires to be that spark – by not only providing them with tools, techniques and guidance to channelize their latent talent, but by providing an ambience and environment so conducive to creativity, that they will find in themselves the hidden Picasso or Da Vinci or a Rembrandt.

We also aspire to be the place where adults lose themselves by immersing themselves in creative pursuits, leaving all their professional and personal worries behind. Place where they de-stress and revitalize their selves.

Youngsters can come over to Art Elixir and prepare themselves for professional competitive entrance tests such as NID / NIFT / NATA etc that require high Creative Quotient.

And thus, we aspire to be that “elixir” in lives of kids, youngsters and adults that not only distresses, but revitalizes, rejuvenates and help them find a new, young, vibrant self – an Elixir in true sense !!


Our Focus


Craft Classes-Workshops


Drawing & Sketching


Arty-Parties Events


Corporate Art Workshops

Art Elixir Activities and Courses for Kids

Certificate Courses for Drawing,

Sketching and Shading (DSS)

We start with the very basic shapes, clear lines, shading and sketching techniques before going deeper into the intricacies of detailed drawing, 1D and 2D perspective, finer aspects of shading and complicated, multidimensional drawings to make the pictures come alive.


Water Colour

One of the more difficult but at the same time offering virtually endless possibilities of exploring the range of colours and its shades and hues, our water colour course introduces you to the world of endless possibilities. Right for the kids as well as adults, this medium will make you fall in love with colours.

Oil on Canvas

Every aspiring artist’s dream is to be able to paint like Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Van Gogh with Oil on Canvas. Easy to work on the basics, but very difficult to get the finer aspects right, this is a great medium for someone who has basic understanding, skills and training in Oil on Canvas.


Acrylic Colours

Often touted as offering “best of both worlds of watercolours as well as oil on canvas” – as you can use them thickly like an oil paint, but also thin them into washes like watercolor (but really more like poster paint), Acrylic Colours have a vibrant beauty about them. Suited for beginners and experienced alike, this is one of the most sought after mediums for someone looking to do a hobby painting.

Pencil Shading

Starting with movement of pencil and thus hand, freehand drawing, taking measurements, to various shading techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, toning, texturing and full-fledged shading, this is one of the more intense coursework as it demands the artist to evoke the feelings in the viewer without the help of any colours. However, when done well, this surely evokes an awe in the eye of beholder.



From learning the very basic of creating the “block in process”, imbibing proportions into the drawing, correct position of still objects, measuring and capturing the essential angles in the composition to gradually moving on to creating more complex compositions, Charcoal Creations when done well, offers an euphoric feeling to the creator.

Warli Art

The art form created by the native people of the warli tribe residing in the North Sahyadri Range including cities such as Dahanu, Jawhar, Talasari, Mokhada, Palghar, and Vikramgadh, this art is a depiction of the Warlis / Varlis’ own lives, beliefs, culture, traditions, festivities, occasions, their joys, sorrows and everyday happenings with strict rules and regulations regarding the form, proportion, style and rendering.



One of the most difficult art and skill to acquire, drawing portraits includes positioning basic features, capturing correct proportions to building up and imparting perfectionism in tones, shapes and colours.

Children’s Activities

A step by step, progressive art and craft learnings for kids with various other activities such as origami, clay art, sand art, tie and dye, stone panting, utility crafts, felt craft, paper craft etc.


Elementary and Intermediate

Grade Exam Preparation

Special batches for preparing students who wish to appear for Elementary and Intermediate Grade exams which are compulsory for students who want to make a career in arts and design.

Franchisee Opportunity

Take advantage of a ready business model and hit the ground running with our Franchisee.

The advantages of working with us are :
1) Reasonable Franchisee Fees and Royalty
2) Short Payback Period and High ROI
3) Fully developed, mature and robust franchising model.
4) Dedicated Franchisee Support
5) Brand, Systems and Marketing Support

Why Art Elixir

  • At Art Elixir, we believe in building a strong foundation of a student from the beginning itself. The courses at Art Elixir are structured by in-house experts in such a manner which allow visible progress of the child’s work. Each course follows a curriculum-based learning which ensures that all children learn in a particular way and no step is skipped. This results in a progression in the child’s performance. 
  • Curriculum designed by in-house experts based on children’s age-group and their cognitive levels. The curriculum-based learning at Art Elixir also allows dissociation between the owner/teacher and the student which benefits each student to learn at his/her own pace and does not disrupt the learning process of another student.
  • Over 3,000 sq ft of open, safe and creative ambience to explore and express yourselves.
  • Art and Design courses for children, youngsters and even adults – from 4 years to 50 years.
  • Friendly as well as professional management and staff.
  • Art Gallery and Exhibition space for budding and established artistes.
  • Various creative and artistic activities such as craft, DIY, Board Games, Sand Art, Clay Art, Tie and Dye, Paper Craft, Origami, Handwriting Improvement, Calligraphy, Felt Craft, Stone Painting, Gift wrapping.
  • Whole Gamut of Art : Drawing, Painting, Sketching, Crayons and Oil pastels, Water Colour, Acrylic Colours, Oil on Canvas, Pencil Shading, Portraits, Warli Art and more under one roof.
  • “Arty Parties” and Events and Workshops for Schools, Corporates and individuals, Weekend Art Getaways, Summer Camps.


The initial investment differs according to the area/ preferred location of the franchise, city (metro or non-metro), the size of the property (academy) etc. From Art Elixir’s side, you only have to pay the franchise fees and royalties (based on sales / admissions). 

The franchise of Art Elixir is given to the person having passion to teach, has excellent management skills and willingness to do the business for a long term. The most suited person is one who understands that art is better taught in a structured manner and will adapt to the needs of the company. You DO NOT NEED to be an artist yourself to run the art academy.

The Franchise is given for a period of 3 years, after which it can be renewed.

No, you absolutely do not need to have an art background, though it helps if you have one. But you need to have an eye for art, good communication and administrative skills which determine the success of the franchise. 

The earnings is directly proportional to the number of students enrolled, which means the efforts of the Art Elixir Franchise in getting the students decides the earnings. You get a head start with Art Elixir’s brand, and can hit the ground running with our unparalleled franchisee support. You can safely assume to break even in 12 – 15 months from the start of operations, and become profitable within 15 – 20 months. 

The area space recommended is between 750-1500 sq. ft. It could be more or less than that, but it needs to provide a very good ambience to the students and should be spacious and creative enough. 

The location preferred is high density commercial or semi- commercial areas, with population belonging to middle or upper middle class. 

Yes. Art Elixir will provide certain basic guidelines such as the Design and Color scheme of the place. We can also help you with the furniture and decor, but it is at your discretion. 


  • Training on educational methods followed by Art Elixir including ‘how to teach curriculum based learning to students’.
  • Sales and Marketing training which includes training to obtain more corporates/ schools for conducting workshops and making use of Art Elixir’s proven marketing strategies
  • Training the teachers as well, so that they follow the predetermined tools, techniques and soft skills to impart the kind of art education that actually improves the students’ skills. 

Post Franchise Operations support:

  • Organizing Training and Demos
  • Providing Certificates such as Trainer’s certificate, Student’s certificate, certificate for workshops
  • Supplying starter kits for students, educational material and promotional material regularly
  • Creatives and Promotional methods provided by the Content Development team
  • Social Media Marketing handled by the Digital Marketing team
  • Ongoing support and guidance from the Franchise support team
  • Ongoing marketing and branding support 
  • Guidance in areas that require “problem solving”.

No. The charges for support services are included as a part of the Franchise fees. 

Yes. We are flexible and encourage housewives to start the Franchise from home if they do not have the capital for initial investment and do not wish to incur certain fixed expenses of renting out a commercial space.