Art through a story

Art through a story

“Art is about paying attention.” -Laurie Anderson

Amongst the various ways to connect to art, the most important one is through a story. This method is smoothnot only for the artist, but also for every individual who is unaware of the narrative. Narrations help the world to see the art and connect to it in an uncomplicated manner.

It helps in social and cultural consciousness of the emotional expression associated with the art. It makes you appreciate creativity and cultivate your own creative perspective.

Telling stories or even hearing them is powerful in itself. Every art has a story to tell, but it depends upon the viewer how he chooses to interpret it. As is rightly said, Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The story behind the art depends upon the one who is looking at it. The artist leaves clues in the art it is upon the viewer to decide what emotion to piece together to define the art.

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