Art is the journey of a Free Soul

Art is the journey of a Free Soul

“Art is not a thing. It is a way.” -Elbert Hubbard

Not many people know how the world has been curated by humans; the soul of any art is the imagination and the creativity it is built upon.

What is art?

Do you think your child would grow up to be an artist? Do you think, your friend who is learning art at this very stage could make a living through fine arts or commercial art? Maybe the answer you have would be an affirmative one. But, for all those who look at it with a negative approach, let me tell you about the different phrases that could help you encourage your child to be an artist even if he does not appear to be a god gifted one.

Art is everywhere.

Art is messy.

Art is healing.

Art is your voice.

Art is therapy.

Art is appealing to the eye.

Art is creativity.

Art is expressive.

Art is fun.

Art is life.

Art is love.

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