Why is Art important?

Art important

“The practice of art isn’t to make a living. It’s to make your soul grow.” -Kurt Vonnegut

Can you imagine a world without pictures, paintings, literature, poetry, theatre, cinemas, music, dance, etc.? The immediate answer to this is a big NO. A world without all these would be a dull place devoid of imagination and creativity. Don’t you think this is one of the things that differentiate us from the other species? Without art in our lives, the world would be an intolerable place to live in.

Why exactly is art so important to us? Art is attached to people and thus, the society today is more and more inspired by reality rather than the form of reality i.e. color, shape, texture, etc. There are numerous ways for an artist to express and depict his art form on various platforms. These circumstances make it easier for the artist to compose the art with a narrative and for the viewer to comprehend the story behind the same.

Art is about taking a position, a stand. It is very difficult to put into words and determine how much Art is important in one’s life. For a Professional Artist, his whole life revolves around Art since that is what he does for a living. But on the other hand, for a Professional working in a highly stressful work environment like a Doctor, art may be the medium through which he de-stresses himself.

What exactly is it that Art can do? There is no specific answer to it and thus, it helps you define it for yourself and is highly subjective. Art is not quantifiable and for this reason works in a mysterious way. One can never predict how art can inspire, change peoples’ mind, affect them or influence them to do something. It is indeed a subtle power that helps in changing the world and its behavior.

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